World Machine to Unreal Strange Problem

Hi! I recently started using World Machine to make huge worlds but now I’m stuck for a very strange problem.Basically I made a huge mountain and imported it with weights for the material placement and it was stunning.

I wanted to make a huge map so I decided to export also some other tiles and here comes the problem.

I imported all the raw16 files with the 4097x4097 resolution, I changed the Z scale to 200 to make them look nice and finally I changed the overall scale from 4336x4336 (default) to 4081.After importing another landscape I tried to place it near the mountain one (the new landscape was a neighbour tile) but I found that in some points they didn’t match even If in WM they looked seamless!


I tried about everything but still now I don’t really know why this is happening, I thought about an import scale problem but at this point who knows lol. I would like to know if there are better ways to build such a huge map (Without destroying my modest 8 GB RAM computer) without incurring in these strange problems.