World Composition Z-Scale


I’m trying to build a 32x32 km landscape using world composition. Every tile is 1017x1017 pixels. I wrote a nifty program in order to download all the tiles from and put them in order. However, every tile has its own Z range. In one tile, black may be 0 meters and in another tile black may be 100 meters. While importing the tiles, the composer asks for a single Z-scale, which is applied to all tiles. Is it possible to assign Z-scale to each tile?


I scaled the output images to the same gray pallete (i.e. 0-1500m), but still the tiles does not stich together. Also how can I calculate the Z-scale for a 32x32 km area in height range 0-1500m?

also i recommend watching his videos serie on the subject (5 or 6), to get a better idea .