World Composition Without Origin Shifting?

Hi all, quick question really.

I’m looking to create a fairly large world using a single landscape component, then streaming in individual levels on a grid like system to help with visualising.
The game with be a coop/multiplayer game so I don’t want to have to find a solution to Origin Shifting, nor do I want a world so big that I would require it.

If I could just stream in statics and whatnot, but leave the landscape in the persistent level then I could contain the entire map within the max world bounds which is roughly 20km x 20km.

Any ideas if this its possible to visualise levels on a grid like this without origin shifting?

Cheers all, much appreciated!

Nevermind. I was being really stupid.

Origin shifting is off by default. The option for it is in the extended options of the “World” section under world settings.

Thanks to rajkosto on the IRC for pointing this out to me.

I’ll carry on being stupid. Cheers anyway!