World Composition + Stream 'playable' levels and Main Menu

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the World Composition in my project, its a “walking simulator”, the project has 5 levels at the moment:

The “GLV_Intro” is where the game happen, the other are just a UMG splash screen, the Main Menu (UMG) and a Loading Screen (UMG)…
The problem is, after I turn on the World Composition, all the levels are loaded at once, and yes, I’m using the “Unload Steam Level” node… before I start using the World Composition all the levels load fine, one after another.
And I just choose to use the World Composition, because I need a big landscape, something like a 4~6km.

Anyone know how can I solve this problem? Cause all tutorials I have checked, they show only 2 “playable levels”, they dont have some levels before, like a Main Menu.

Thanks again guys