World composition seperate streaming distances for loading and unloading?


I’m having some problems with stuttering when the world composition feature is unloading a streaming level (which seems to be a familiar problem here in the forums - any solution for that?).
furthermore I recognized that the streaming distance feels a bit “stupid” for me, cause if the player character is running like a zigzag over this imaginary distance line, the level will load and unload very often and unnecessaryly - and giving me a lot of stuttering.

So I would love to unload the level in a bigger distance than loading it - which feels like it should be normal.
Is there a prebuild function to detect the current streaming distances in the code? do I need to code a complete new streaming system or is there a way to overwrite/manipulate the existing code of the inbuild level streaming? I dont now how its done behind the scenes.

thanks a lot!