World Composition - long and narrow world problem

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a long and narrow world using WC (about 60x2km) divided into 27 levels. I’ve created the .r16 source files using World Machine tiled export, as usual. But I encounter problems when trying to import them ino UE.

After importing, when I try to load created levels, UE often crashes to desktop. If I manage to load them, then I discover that LandscapeProxies have no Landscape actor assigned, so I cannot use landscape layers. If I try to assign Landscape actor to them manually UE will CTD, always at the same tile. I thought it was caused by corrupted files, tried redoing them a few times using different export setting in WM but it changed nothing.

Right now I’m stuck. World Composition always worked flawlessly for me. Could it be because the the created world is not square? It is 27 levels side-by-side after all.

Landscape layers don’t work with world comp.
Pretty much nothing does.

And you are limited in how many level tiles you can load by both GPU and RAM.

Well, last month I’ve used WC with layers for landscape automaterial. It was different setting thouth, only 6x6 km terrain, 64 tiles. Worked without any issue.

Layers means the new landscape layer system not material layers.
Those obviously work fine in world comp.

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Thanks! I totally misunderstood what ‘layers’ I was enabling during tiled levels import. After importing with editable layers disabled it worked without issue. I wasted a whole week because of something so simple, haha :smiley:

No idea why it worked on my previous projects though, as I always imported with editable layers enabled.

I have given up on understanding this engine.
It’s more mercurial than Mercury…

That said, the docs/videos all always said that world comp isn’t compatible with the new edit layer system.

The only reason that I can think of for this is that each layer uses a PNG16 loaded in vram or ram.
So with 8k tiles, adding more than a few layers would basically be impossible for anyone that doesn’t run 128GB or ram.
Not sure if that’s factual, but to even open an 8k png16 in an editing program like Krita you are going to have issues.

As far as working with world comp.
I usually take it 1 tile at a time.
It’s probably the only way to get stuff to actually work anyway.
Unless you are sculpting. But you shouldn’t do that in engine anyway.

I suggest trying Houdini now that it’s free. No idea how/if it works right, but they added direct implementation of their landscape stuff… may be worth a Google search or test.

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