World Composition Level LOD baking light issue with light scenarios!

Hi there,

You may know when we use world composition level, we can create some level LODs for each sub-levels. These are stored with a specific naming convention that causes World Composition find them and use them internally. In term of lighting there is no way to load them in editor and build the lighting for them too although with use of regular lighting we can open each level and build a **similar **lighting for them. But in case of using lighting scenarios engine won’t use baked lighting data stored in the LOD level and will use the data stored in each light scenario level. So if anyone have a suggestion to bake lighting for this situation, can please share it with us?

Thank you

In world composition each tile is a level. Each level can have light baked to it.

That said, normally you do not do LODs with different levels. Well OK you do, sort of.
Creating the LOD impostor generates a level. However said level is produced with a Ready to go mesh on which a material is applied with the texture/normal information taken from a render capture of the level’s terrain tile.

If what you are asking is “how do I bake light on that?” The engine should take care of it on its own.

If you really want to do it manually, then you would have to create a secondary World composition level, load in all the sub levels of the impostors into it, the light level, and bake.

last time I did this, i just customized the layers of the baking level so as to be able to hit a tab and load all the tiles…

not sure if that’s whay you are looking for / perhaps others have better solutions.

Hi MostHost,
Actually Engine won’t bake light on Level LODs, I tested this feature in a simple scene. Problem starts when I use light scenario in my world composition. There is no LOD Level bake data in the Scenario BuildData itself and you can’t add this data to a currently existing data.