World Composition Error when moving Landscape Tiles?

Often times when moving around landscape level tiles in World Composition, I’ll get errors like this:

I’m unsure as to what this error is stating, exactly, and how to go about fixing it. Here’s my current setup regarding my Levels and World Composition layout.


Any help here would be appreciated!

As the error reads, one or more components are overlapping.
It also gives you an x/y location in overall world settings to go figure out where that is happening.

You also get an x/y location of the tile when you click on it in world view, so you can compare the 2 numbers to know if you are in the ballpark.

For snapping to work, all tiles have to be the same size.
Overlapping may be OK some times, this is why it is a warning and not an Error. (Tecnically it’s a notice, not even a warning since your warning count is 0).

Anyway, hope that helps.

Thanks for the response, MostHost LA, but what I don’t get is that my components AREN’T actually overlapping…as in if I take my right-most tile and move to TO THE RIGHT, I’ll STILL get that error even though my most right-most tile now appears to be floating out in the middle of nowhere.

This seems non-sensical.