[World Compositing] Colaboration issue, the main level needs to be saved even if i chosen another sub-level as the current level

Hi guys i’m having an isssue with world compositing, level streaming and collaboration.
I already set up a perforce server and everything is working great, the problem comes when my friend or i are working on a sublevel. We set up the level we’re working as the current level and sculp it, place actors, etc. with no issues at all (when we save the project the source control only tells us that the sublevels we were working needs to be checked in and not the main level).
But after some time the main level “Worldmap” appears with the “*” icon indicating that it needs to be saved but as i can see it should not happen (i think the autosave cause this but it should not happen as the main level was not modified). After that when i try to save the project it gives me issues as the source control indicates me that i will not be able to keep my changes as me and my friend “modified” the same binary-.

Is my workflow correct or am i wrong? I mean if i create a mainlevel and enable world compositing and then i create some sublevels as tiled landscapes… Is that ok or i’m missing something?

I hope you guys can help me with this cause i’m lost right now =S.

I’ve solved this issue by locating all the assets on the world outilner (default lights, etc) out of the persistent level. I jus created a new sublevel called lights, place all the assets there so the persistent level is empty. That solved the issue.