World comp ( between two tiles) seam will not take sculpting etc

I have uploaded video as seen to illustrate that I can’t sculpt ( or anything else) atm, on one of my ‘tiles’ in my world comp project.
OK I can’t upload more than 5mb which is kinda odd imho, but anyway so I had to put it on google drive:…tLmyxrUa3aGleo

Earlier I tried to recover placed meshes that somehow had lost their positions ( coudn’t find them), so loaded a different tile from a saves DIR in project , and now one of my tiles, NewMap2 isn’t able to scultp or anything else, over the ‘seam’ of it and the other tile next to it or on the other side from it.
I can sculpt on either side, but the seam remains unedited, unsculpted–how do I fix this mess ?:wink:

I hear I may have caused this by using nonstandard terrain sizes, but I’ve had no trouble until recently and not sure what caused this change.

Other than making new tiles in the standard size and somehow doing a copy paste of what I have ( meshes won’t copy right) , all I have left if FIXING , how is that done ?


Some thing happens to me, just as shown in the above video,I’m using Unreal Engine 4.24.

I’ve had no trouble until few days and back I don’t exactly know what caused the problem either

And also I can’t make Landscape Splines with Persistent level made as current level. Landscape spline is working only on the tiles which are made as current
Did anybody know how to fix this mess?

To be able to sculpt it seamlessly both tiles need to be the same exact size, and they need to be snapped together in the world composition view.

Though, with the latest version of the engine you may be able to create a brush that overcomes that limitation as well.

Unsure about tony, but I solved this long ago,not sure how given age of post but all of my terrain are the same size. Upon looking closer Tony, and I could be wrong,but it sure looks like your are sculpting UP on only one terrain, instea of ‘swiping across’ both of them, but as MH said , both terrain sizes must be the same unless the new engine version makes that unnecessary,is there a DOC page with more info on that, it would be useful going fwd.

I haven’t been actively looking at the new docs in the past month or so.
I’m still waiting for the full docs that should come with .24 to be released along with content examples - I think the holidays put a curb on that.
still waiting for the new hair system stuff for instance…

Have you added the replacement Tile “Newmap2” to the persistnet level of your (tiled)landscape?

It is possible to have the tile in the correct place but not be part of the tiled landscape
Paul G