Works on the test world but not on the server????

So I have made several new structures in my mod. Some of them place, and some of them do not. They show up with that green fog correctly but once I try to place nothing happens. On one item, it actually places the structure of one of the items that refused to be placed. I figured I made some major mistakes so I went back to patch, but I found that everything worked find in the test world. Stuff placed correctly. I checked the reference trees and every inch of each item and could find nothing. What could this be? Im out of ideas. I dont see how placing a preserver could result in an air conditioner, when the air conditioner is not referenced even a single time to the preserver. What’s more, the green non placed version looks like a preserver. It only becomes an air conditioners after it finalize placement. What gives? Computers are supposed to be consistent.