Working with the new Lightmap volume, I have a Question.

When I bake lighting on a relatively large section of my level I get volume lightmap spheres scattered everywhere and too far apart, now i know that i can increase resolution and have them closer to each other for more detailed ligthing on my moving objects, but I want the concentrated areas to be specific to a certain area on the map, i tried lightmass volume but it still scatters the lightmap volumes everywhere and doesn’t seem to really make much of a difference.

What i want is to tell it to create volume lightmaps in a very specific area only with as much resolution as i give it only for that area. This way they don’t have to be scattered about everywhere and i can have more lighting detail in that area.

Any way to do this?



Well with LightmassCharacterIndirectDetailVolumes and Lightmass Importance Volume you can set what areas you want detailed lighting… also with the lightmap resolution on the meshes…

Good luck!

There’s currently no way to locally increase the density of the Volumetric Lightmap (LightmassCharacterIndirectDetailVolumes does nothing), but it is something we are considering implementing in a future release.

Thanks Daniel and I was about to write to say that i had no luck with character volume.

Daniel not to hijack my own thread but can you please give your input whenever possible on the following post?

Many thanks in advance.