Working on new game pinball wars

pinball wars is a arena shooter inside a set of pinball tables and is a wip

i have a pinball table
and i am having problems making it a static mesh i am new to udk4 but its fun playing with the amazing tools it has

i am testing this on the shooter game template

i am having problems making my character spawn inside the pinball table and be a good scale.
The pinball table is a wip and will not look like that in the end

  1. which kind of problem do you exactly have?
  2. place the player start on top of the table and change the size of the character in the character bp (just select the skeletal mesh and use the transform tool) :slight_smile:

i did that but the player keeps falling thru the pinball table? its a solid objects when i did the export into ue4

Ah ok, you mean the collision. Take a look at this video and choose one way -> :slight_smile:

i did that but it still keeps falling thru i could be that udk4 is not detecting the collision inside the table i did the collision thing in ue4 as from the video you sent

and the player starts at the top

Move the player start a little bit up so that the “bad size” message disappears and then try it again :slight_smile:
When it’s still not working, post your character setup or try it with the defaul fps template

this is the default fps template i did the badsize thing and it works but the player is on top not inside the table gap if i move the player more in i have the badsize

love all the help as i am new to all of this

Then you have to make the collision more accurate :slight_smile: -> take a look at the video

blender it is then Kappa