Working Companion System w/ Active Player Switch

Has anyone else tackled this? I am new to blueprints, but I am learning and I want to tackle this. I recently wrote out a possible way to make it and I’ve been trying to study the different nodes that would help make this happen. Any and all advice wanted!

My theory to make this system is:

Alliance variable (Integer) with a range between -1000 to 1000
All set to -1000 would be enemies
All set to 1000 would be allies
Those set to 0 would be neutral.

Set up Nav Volume and AI Movement to always follow the player

Companion’s visibility can be toggled via blueprint (for the main menu and in game events)

Player can switch between companions via main menu or hot key (made possible by SetActive to set the active camera component to any of the party members after checking to see who’s avalible)

Each character will have their own MyCharacter BP which has their stats, exp system, and battle system.

The companion System would be globle.

Please let me know if I’m thinking and heading in the right direction and any advice to make this possible would be appreciated!


Seems to me you could build a character that only attacks a specific class (ie. the enemy) and just uses the Blueprints from the A.I. tutorial which would make him follow the player.