Workflow question about landscape materials

Hello, I have a landscape material with 4 layers (Grass, Concrete1, Concrete2, Sand) and each layer has a diffuse, normal map and specular. Each layer also has different parameters such as a unique texture coordinate, roughness values, color, and noise generation for the grass and sand… The material is quite huge, Base pass Shader 130 instructions, as shown in the first picture. Im almost positive this is really bad.

My question is, is there a way to reference an existing material for use as a landscape layer? So I can just have all of those values for the layer in the material. Or possibly a entirely new approach to what Im doing. I plan on adding more materials to the landscape. Also, It has started greying out entire sections of the landscape if I try to apply certain materials to it. Not sure what that’s about (Shown in 3rd pic). I believe when I first saw it, an error printed in the log saying some streaming blah blah was exceeded but I could be wrong because I cant get the message again.

If anyone knows a better workflow it would be appreciated :slight_smile: