Workflow of importing skeletal mesh and its animations

Guys, what is the workflow for importing skeletal meshes and its anims? In UDK it was pretty simple:

  1. Import skeletal mesh
  2. Create animSet
  3. Inside animSet import any number of animations.

How is it done in UE4?

Thank you.

It would be something like this:

  1. Import SkeletalMesh (create new Skeleton)
  2. Import Animation (choose Skeleton to associate with)
  3. Repeat step 2 for other animations

@Jeff Wilson
Hi, thank you for your help. One question, if I import animation (step 2), the skeletal mesh is also imported, is that intended? What I mean is that if for example, I import first skeletal mesh (step 1) of my hero, I end up with skeletal mesh for this hero in content browser. If then I import animation like WALKING (step 2), another (identical mesh but different name - the name from fbx file) will be added to content browser. So in the end I have two skeletal meshes in my content browser which are identical. First one, called hero, second one called hero_WALKING.
Is that the expected behavior?
Thank you.

Are you selecting Animation at the top of the import options and selecting an existing Skeleton?

@Jeff Wilson
Hi Jeff, Thank you for pointing out. The mistake I was making is that I didn’t select Animation but Skeletal Mesh and simply was naming animation in ‘Import Animation’ check box. It is solved now. Thank you.
One minor criticism on look & feel of the import dialog. The top most options (with radio buttons), i.e. Static Mesh, Skeletal Mesh, Animation, all but the active look as if they are disabled, and so not selectable. That’s why I didn’t think even that I can actually select one of them. I believe drop down instead of radio buttons would work better in this scenario.

Thank you for your help.