Workflow issue. Need help getting splines (Fur) from Max > Maya Rig

Hello everyone, so I made a Fox in 3Ds Max to use in Unreal Engine’s sequencer. I’m actually paying an animator to do the sequence for me. I sent him the model and he rigged it. He used Maya for the rigging. I plan on using Nvidia hairworks for the fur shader in Unreal. However, I’m wondering, how do I get the splines from Hair and Fur modifier into Maya and onto the Rigged Fox? I read online that you can convert the splines to Nurbs curves for use in Maya by pushing the “Guides > Splines” button in Max, and then exporting the model as an FBX. Then, you can use the splines in Maya.

However, won’t I still need to regroom the fur in Maya? I would like to take the work I did in Max with the splines and simply attach it to the rigged fox in Maya so I can set it up for Nvidia Hairworks in sequencer.

Could I possibly just open the rig in Max, and attach the splines to the rig?

Okay, I think I found a potential solution based on this tutorial:

It seems I could convert the splines to curves in Max, and export them into Maya. Once in Maya I can position them to line up with rigged mesh, and then rebuild them as curves. I’ll give it a try and let you all know how it works.