Workflow For Detailed Terrain Other Than UE4 Landscape Painting

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying for four days now to get Landscape Painting to work for my needs, but sadly, I think the system is too broken right now to do what I want it to. I figured there are definitely other workflows to texture a landscape. Are decals viable for this? Can you put a decal on a landscape?

Or is it feasible to create a texture map outside of UE4, then import that in and use it as my layer? I know it’s tedious and any time I want to change something, I’ll need to update this map and reimport, but I see no other solution. What would be a good program to do this with?

Any help on how I can achieve below is much appreciated!


you can just always use a mesh generated outside the engine and use vertex colors to blend between different materials. it is pretty much the same as landscape does it, just less flexible since you shouldn’t deform the mesh inside the editor (world position offset) too much and will have to deal with collision yourself.

In Skyrim these cobblestone pathways are made of multiple individual meshes:

You might want to try Landscape Splines for a similar approach in UE4.

This is how I made my paths. Works great and gives you a ton of flexibility. Make a tiling mesh and you are about good to go.