Work with DWGS today!

Are you interested in making games?
If so **DarkenedWolf game studio’s ** is a great place to start doing that.
You do not need to be perfect at anything in particular’.
Please have 2-3 pieces with you of your work unless you don’t have 2 or three then just show what you have.
Contact me on skype: A_Savage_Beast
or email:

Team Name:
Darkened Wolf Game Studios

Team Structure:

Chief Executive Officer: <Project Manager/game designer>
Media: <Music> <Sound>
Art:<3D Character Artist> <3D Artist> <Concept Artist>
Programming:<Unreal engine Programmer> <Blueprint Scripting>
Design: <Level design> <Item Design>
Animation:<Player Animation> <Entity Animation>

Talent Required:
<Project Manager>
<C++ Programmer>
<Blueprint Scripting>
<3D Character Artist>
<3D Artist>
<Concept Artist>
<Player Animation>
<Entity Animation>
<Level design>
<Item Design>
<Game Design (writing)>

generally Looking for people to fill the empty spaces of the Team.
Chief Executive Officer: Jason Parker
**MediaTeam: **
<Music> :
<3D Character Artist>:
<3D Artist>:
<Concept Artist>:
<Unreal engine Programmers>:
<Blueprint Scripters>:
<Level design>:
<Item Design>:
<Player Animation>:
<Entity Animation>

Skype: a_savage_beast

Please use the Application template listed below.

Country of residence(or xHours ahead/behind UK):
Previous Work:
Description of project/game/work -

Contact Details
E-mail: <>
Skype (Needed): <username>
Additional Information:
Online only.
availability (X days/Y hours a week.):
YOU CAN APPLY HERE OR VIA EMAIL (email is checked more frequently)


You can not get the team together. If you build a job this way.

  1. You put forward high demands without offering anything in return. (Salary, Resources)
  2. You did not tell anything about the project that will be created.
  3. What is ready for the project. (If you are not programmers, you can at least arrange the documentation.)

If you want to assemble a team on enthusiasm.

  1. You do not make demands. You ask for help.
  2. You are not a director, but a Assistant. What performs any small simple work in the project. (Maintain documentation, draw simple schemas, write simple code, test and look for bugs, etc.)

If the team will work as wage earners.

  1. Then explain the amount of salaries, forms of payment and what kind of contract will be concluded.
  1. I fail to see what “Demands” I am making in this project.

  2. All that you need to do is ask.

  3. Look back to answer 2.

  4. Again. I don’t see these demands.

  5. director
    a person who is in charge of an activity, department, or organization.
    “the sales director”
    a member of the board of people that manages or oversees the affairs of a business.
    synonyms: administrator, manager, chairman, chairwoman, chairperson, chair, head, chief, boss, principal, leader, governor, president, premier; More

You could also say “Team leader”

6.It is listed as “Royalty” But if you wish for me to further expand. People will be paid at the end of the project depending on the sales of the product.

~Thank you for your time. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to Email me.

You do not need to be perfect at anything in particular’.
Please have 2-3 pieces with you of your work unless you don’t have 2 or three then just show what you have.

It looks as if you have a crowd of trained specialists at your door.

In practice, everything goes differently.

  1. You publish information about the project. (All that is and can be shown: Documentation, Artwork, video gameplay)
  2. Gather all the people that are interested in the project. (Regardless of level and skill, most will be beginners that will learn during the project.)
  3. Create a trello and you assign tasks. (The task is not just for others, but you take them for yourself and do it.) Nobody likes to work on lazy “Team Leaders”. You will have to show an example.

If so, then you can do something and it will work out.

PS. The project should be small. Nothing big can be created with such an unworkable team.
However, each subsequent project will be easier to do. And you will be able to create large projects in future.

Nothing will be created if you yourself do not work every day to create it.