Wondering If anyone could help out with turning 2d rootmotion blendspace?

Hey all, so ive run into some trouble, and wondering if anyone could help. I have a character, who has a move forward, turn right, and turn left animations. All of these are root motion animations. If i dont have root motion enabled, He will just do the animations in place and then theyll reset, and it looks really weird. If i actually enable root motion on the blueprint and the animations, He doesnt do the animations anymore, and the capsule starts tipping over, and he seems to start getting stuck in the floor. The reason i Need to have root motion on is because this character also has several attack animations that are all root motion, and he has these attack animations specifically for when hes turning left and right. So anyway, my question is, how do i setup a rootmotion 2d blenspace that lets him walk forward, and turn left and right?