Wolfenstein 2k14

Hi guys, Just wanted to show a very early WIP of a remake of Wolfenstein I’ve been building :slight_smile:
(having some trouble with the doors :l )


You can see a screenshot of it at the above link, I can’t seem to get the images to upload :l

The wall texture is looking fabulous. Just need to add some of the 'ol **** flags in now :wink:

Thanks, and yeah, I’m working on layout and getting the doors/basic lighting and then I’ll focus on more textures! I just wanted a good base texture for the layout. Making the textures is way more fun than I thought haha. I just gotta figure out normals and such in UE4

I’m not sure what system you’re using, but if you’re on a Mac take a look at this nifty piece of software, CrazyBump - great for generating normal and bump maps. - Just seen now that they have a PC version too. http://www.crazybump.com/

Is there a way to store all the images as photoshop layers so the Normal and everything import together, I’ve been having problems with importing images only PSD’s have worked for me

I’m pretty new to Unreal, so perhaps someone a bit more clued up will be able to answer.

Are you talking about importing the normal/diffuse/spec as one image? If so that isn’t possible. Your normal and any other additional maps will need to be separate. PNG and TGA files are generally used for this.

Yes that’s what I meant :slight_smile: Thanks for the Info, and png images always fail to import for me :frowning:

No problem. Have you tried TGA? Not sure why PNG isn’t working for you. If you want I can take a look at the .png that is failing to import for you, see if I can figure out why on my end.

I’ll mess with it a bit more :slight_smile:

Alright then, sound off if you’re still having trouble. =)

Here’s a look at the doors for wolfenstein! Still just modeling but thought I’d show you guys


I know the render’s not great, but I’m not the best at setting up lighting in 3dsmax :stuck_out_tongue:

Can anyone give me advice on the door, I’d like to have those bolts on the sides but that adds quite a few polys to the model and makes the UV crazy with all the little sides of them