Wnated to make a New Character Class in a Existiing Game project

I wanted to implement a new character class in my game project i was wondering how i do this? I already have a Main character class but say if i wanted a Magician instead of a Fighter with different skills how do i do this?

Right click on your main character class in the content browser and search for “create child BP” this will allow you to keep all the basic functions of the main character and add special script for magician vs fighter so they can have different skills, attacks, strengths/weaknesses etc.

Oh wow that easy i will give that a Try and thanks for response i was in completely distracted for a couple days making animation.

As mentioned you can create child character classes as Blueprints themselves or create some kind of logic in your “MainCharBP”. If you create logic within, basically, if Character is X class do Y instead of Z.
If you create child classes from the MainChar BP, the MainCharBP should hold universal info like health, and the child BP’s should have the specific functions of the class. Dont forget to vote both of our answers up :slight_smile: