WIP - Testing Instance Refractive Glass + Dirt

Hi guys,

finally had a day off and was playing with UE4, been testing as I’ve been missing the distortion value from UDK.
I did small test by blending translucent and opaque material.
Using the shooter demo glass as base.
Gonna keep tweaking this stuff. Any comments or idea about how to approach a correct reflections/refraction?

There seems to be no specular on a translucent material, so that would be the next step.


Hah, nice! I still remember how blown away I was by some older rally games, where your car became gradually more dirty as you drove through the maps.

Great job, its looking really cool.

Wow this looks really nice, mind sharing some more info on how it was created?

I’ve seen a few about creating glass but your has this textured effect which looks ace

I’m in the middle of a project that needs some glass windows and this looks sweet. Good job though :smiley:

Thanks guys!

@JRdN, when i saw that i couldn’t get the distortion like UDK, and as the basic glass shader coming with UE4 was too simple, I took the glass material from the shooter demo which looks better, and modify what needed to be to fit what I wanted, I still don’t get much about the refraction thingy, but I m getting there.
Please find the full material node here, I hope it will help you, and please feel if you have any questions :


Also, to avoid posting just test in all different thread I’m getting all setup in one :

Will be less messy and also less threads.