[WIP]Sharing my scene for testing

Hi guys,
so this is my test scene. Objects are for 3D Studio, so not optimized because I wanted to test them to see if for my archviz I should make optimized versions…since archviz scenes are small I guess, everything runs smoothly.
With VR on the other hand I get judder on ocasion, when looking outside for instance, and only when turning my Oculus. This is happens mostly in built version, in editor everything is usually smooth. I noticed this after UE 4.10.
Also in the right corner of Oculus I sometimes get some weird black flickering.

P.S. I used media texture for TV but since it uses an absolute path, it probably won’t load. Any way around this? Not sure how to make it a relative path no matter where it’s copied.

After you import the video, reset the path and choose it again. It will switch from absolute path to relative.

Tried that but it crashes every time I click that yellow arrow next to the path. That’s what you meant?
Edit: Yay, it worked the third time :slight_smile:
Thx! Hopefully it will work now even when built.

Great demo, Crayox. It’s running very smooth on the dk2, with very minor hiccups with the juddering. Not sure if it has anything to do with your scene in particular, but again very minor. The only thing that stood out is just the character height seems a little low when I’m near the tables and chairs, but this is something that seems to be an issue for some (or most?) of us.

Hey Crayox,

the drop box link doesn’t work anymore. Anywhere else I can grab it from. Quite curious and intrigued to check it out.

Thanks for testing…here’s the new link. Sorry was updating and trying something.

I get weird black frames when I’m in the sitting area in front of a TV. Please try that and see if it happens.
Yes, the camera is weirdly low now…they changed something in 4.11 still trying to figure it out. I can increase the capsule half height but that makes it too big to go to second floor lol