WIP - Rural middle east map

Hey Guys.

Can’t say too much about the project but thoughts it’s fun to see what others are working on.

We are certainly enjoying UE4. a lot of things we couldn’t do easily before have become much more accessible.

Couple of shots of the semi finished portions of the main village. All content is original and created by us… (aside from a few minor placeholders)

We got the roads working OK. still work to do but it will do the trick.


WIP of a wall with vertex shaded material which allows us to overlap a ruined wall in blue channel and Dirt in the red channel. so much fun.


Finally a close in overview of the village area of the map. there are other areas but only minor fleshed out at the moment.
Our terrain is still pretty WIP but it is getting the point across at this point.


Hope you guys enjoy!

What tool did you use to make the terrain? In house or 3rd party? Either way looks nice. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

we use 3rd party program…

I would suggest getting some high res European space agency imagery if you are going to be working on mars.

They have some colorized images that are of high enough density you could lay them right over the terrain as a colour map then have your detail textures
on top of that… would work pretty good!

this is an example from BF2 engine. could do much higher res now!


The actual colourmap is mars imagery…

nice, looks cool