[WIP] MMORPG Login System in Blueprints

Hello Unreal Forums,

I’m currently working on a MMORPG-ish system in Blueprints for me and a couple of friends of mine.
Since I have no experience whatsoever in C++ I was trying to come up with a way to do this exclusively with Blueprints and preferably with a MySQL backend, since I’m very familiar with MySQL.
After many rebuilds and packaging errors I’ve finally managed to get it working. I was even able to have other people connect to my game without having to use any subsystem like Steamworks.
It all runs on an Apache webserver I installed using XAMPP. (very simple to do for non-coders)

This project currently has no error handling so you could leave the username and password field empty and still get in the game, but that will be patched in a later WIP.
I ran into alot of problems regarding packaging this project because of the plugin I used for this which is Stefander’s JSON Query plugin.
The only code I ever had to edit were some of the settings in the DefaultEngine.ini file, and rebuilding the editor to get the plugin working.

WIP #01

Feedback is appreciated. I am also happy to answer any questions you have about this system.

Thanks to TK-Master pointing me in the right direction I got loading data from a database onto specific characters working, which opens alot of doors to new cool systems like character creation and equipping items.
Here’s a viddy.

WIP #02