[WIP] Isometric(ish) Adventure

I’ve been working on an isometric adventure game for over a year now, it started off in Unity with 2D rendered backgrounds and 3D characters which was proving limiting and depth masks fry my brain.

I’ve been moving it across to UE4 and trying to hit a VRay level of quality and I finally feel like I’m getting the results I’m after. Still very much a work in progress but I’d love to get some feedback.


I can’t for the life of me get decent reflections in that mirror - if anybody has any tips it would help immensely. Tried the scene capture method but I can’t get the perspective right.

This looks really beautiful, can’t wait to see more progress ^^

That looks awesome and very beautiful - Not sure what to do in the case of the mirror…

Thanks very much, I’ll definitely post updates as I go.

That is stunning, Well done!

That looks great, good job! I’m really curious about how you got the outdoor scene and the lighting to only render through the window and not come in through the roof. It’s really well done!

As for the mirror, have you put a reflection capture cube? This could be the possible reason.