[WIP] Definitive Painter - a 2D vector graphics library

Looks amazing!

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Simple FPS HUD :tv: made using Definitive Painter :paintbrush:

:point_right: no textures
:point_right: no materials
:point_right: no external editors
:point_right: 100% procedural
:point_right: 100% made inside the Unreal Engine editor

Just wanna say this is exactly what I’m looking for.

I tried to recreate a clue map similar to the one in outer wilds. It basically is a bunch of cards connected with arrows.

I couldn’t believe how hard this currently is in UMG. Originally I wanted to use rounded cards, which is possible but involves writing your own shaders. I also wanted to use shadows, which again can be achieved with own materials, but are at the same time very unflexible.

More disturbing than the above problems is the complete lack of svg and anti aliasing support. I wanted my artstyle to have thin borders and lines. No matter if using images or materials, there are severe issues with thin borders which I could not solve.

Honestly UMG is kind of bad because of these issues. Simply drawing an arrow between two cards involves creating 2 images, translating and rotating them separately and then the result looks like ■■■■ because we are using pngs and there is severe aliasing. I was already looking at 3rd party UI options when I saw your plugin.

The feature set this plugin provides is exactly what I need for my project. It fixes all of the problems which i have with UMG. If this plugin delivers what it promises, it is a must buy imo. Looking forward to the release!

Yeah, all these are the exact reasons why I decided to create Definitive Painter :grin:.

I believe that your needs and expectations will be met :+1:!

Paint :paintbrush: is an essential part of Definitive Painter.
It defines the appearance of :brick: Elements and the way they are drawn.

Learn more about Paint in this :arrow_heading_down: tutorial :man_teacher:!

Looking nice! Can this be used on default umg buttons with normal, hovered and pressed? Is this going to replace brush images?


The plugin is meant to extend UMG rather than replace anything. Definitive Painter renders its stuff to a texture that can be used anywhere in the game just like (almost) any other texture.

You can easily create your own button from scratch (or just about any kind of input element) capturing various mouse and/or keyboard events and reacting accordingly. Later, I’ll create a set of templates for this purpose and a tutorial or two.

However, Definitive Painter requires certain minimal computing power no matter what it actually renders, so it’s better to create a whole UI with it rather than individual elements like buttons.

A simple animated loading spinner :arrows_counterclockwise:. It’s procedural, took no more than 5 minutes :mantelpiece_clock: and a piece of blueprint to make.

:trophy: Anything can be achieved with Definitive Painter and Unreal Engine!

I have 2 questions:

  • can I use this in materials?
  • is it ok for me to add widgets inside widgets that both use definitive painter or should I just use one widget only?
  • In theory, yes. You could create a Widget Blueprint with a Definitive Painter instance, retrieve the rendered texture and set is as a parameter of a dynamic material.
  • You should keep the number of DP instances at minimum. For that, DP supports Templates. For example, a DP Template can contain a button that can be reused multiple times. Another DP instance would be a whole UI with multiple Templates within. All child Templates automatically merge into their parent to save some performance.