[WIP] AngyReal - Raze20090 prototype TBS

Hi everyone present a new project that I’m completing by myself, at least I try to complete the skeleton of the game and then implement a worthy graphics of the title.
Raze 20090, after years of experience has become my pilot project for strong motivation, time and passion for the type of game, and after so many personal traps I managed to resume programming, I hope this time succeeds in completing the intended goals, Good star is helping me and finally found it stable in carrying out the project, we cross our fingers
Thanks to all those who follow me, I hope good life to everyone


It’s all started experimentally, every day I try to create new video tutorials to motivate me more and so I try to study better unreal engine 4

I do not know how long it will take, but it is evolving well and so far there have been no incidents to compromise the success of the project

Thank you for your attention and hope in your support also just morale to the project

A great greeting from AngyReal


I still do not have the clear ideas of the graphic concept that I have to play, I’m studying various perspectives that can be compared with M.A.X or Master of Orion-like games. At the moment I focus on finishing the code and making it playable in order to then implement the graphics and templates. Further on I will need someone who can help me on the Graphic segment, but I think it’s still premature and for the moment I’m waiting for your advice on this topic.

That is, what kind of style and setting to use, the game I thought I set in 20090 when the man before disappearing launches into the universe of robotic capsules that can regenerate and bring life to other planets, Maybe you can please, very ambitious project and I have to say that if it is not it is not for me, I have to complicate my life to find satisfaction in doing the games, time does not play in my favor but I have so much time to allow me to Go ahead with some determination.

Obviously I do not have AAA and low flying, long time schedules and personal investments that fit the project type at virtually zero cost, I go beyond the rite communications that are made in the forums and blogs but without launching the game beforehand Not have at least a beta version of the prototype resulting in the evaluation of the few elected.

I do not expect you to follow my tutorial for a very long project and not as commercial as the fps, but maybe someone interested can advise me how to proceed with the concepts but at the moment without official outside collaborations as they have often derailed me in projects that I believed so much and now I have been in stand by as bfam that has been sabotaged by unscrupulous people and without feeling,
I do not trust people talking and appearing as saviors and then disappear shortly afterwards, the project is long and requires routine work not indifferent, it might interest those who like to follow it for long periods even sporadically. I would be happy to be followed and see how things evolve.

Those who are interested in the game and follow me, I would also like to read the opinions and advice without commitment, but I will see how to carry out the project also based on what you expect from it.
Meanwhile, write me and tell me what you think

In the next post I will go into the details of the game.

Thanks for reading and hope to have some negative feedback as well, no problem, getting better is also able to accept criticism
i’m sorry, italian girl - i use google translator

Simple Update document game design

Raze 20090 - Game Design . version 1.0.1


Planning a blueprint of a TBS - Turn base strategy and that is for the newbie players a strategic turn game. Where it is important to move and act under different conditions, a bit like chess playing.

Intuition and incipit:

Year 20090 cit asimov … The man has disappeared from the universe but has left around several robots able to regenerate on new planets to conquer.
The task of the player will be to drive his own robot corporation to the conquest of planets now dominated by other corporations.


System player movement
only grid for landscape - plane

AI Enemy Level
AI enemy level 1: Only direct movement towards the target.
AI enemy level 2: add level 1: Recognition of adversary health property and strategic retirement.

Building system
Each faction will have a building system, but only the friendly one will be scheduled as the first version.

Implement research
Technological and scientific research progress.

Save and charge game

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Hi Friends,

As you already know, I’m pushing the prototype code from a completed project, improving it and optimizing it. I have come to this point, tell me what you think, obviously the chart is missing, I’m considering graphic design and concepts.

For those who are carrying out their project by following tutorials, you can consult this file that tells it to events and functions.

thanks for watching