All these animals, birds, poses, dragons, and set after set of lizards and zombies and what seem to be ripoffs of characters made with other character creation products (or not, maybe not!)…

…and all I want is a set of angel-type wings. Using modern technologies, with animations for high speed take offs, surprise stretch-outs from the back, flapping to hover, flapping and locked outward to fly, and the ability to adjust colours, and some anim blueprints would be useful.

Every other product I’ve turned to has let me down and I spent all sorts of money getting stuff from turbosquelch and the ipwn store, and I’ve worked my a** off trying to create it all in DAZ and bring it across, but the double/triple skeletons keep tripping me up. I’ve been working on it for 3 months and I’m just fed up.

Anyone have a good up-to-date source on some angel wings, perhaps with morphs or not? I have a primary character or three that need them and now the demo is ready to come together it’s such a shame I can’t get the right atmosphere because the combat scenes where the wings are used just feature people bending and having stuff deflect off invisible barriers.

Why don’t you just hire a qualified freelancer for specific job instead?

Any idea what that would cost?

It wouldn’t be cheap, if you want it to be particularly high quality.

Salutations Atonnis,

Probably doesn’t matter how much it costs since you’ve said you spent 3 months on it already, time is money so in a way you’ve already spent time/money in that way and might as well get something great out of it.
In the end the quality you’ll get from a pro artist will likely be very satisfying compared to trying to get it from a character builder.

An excellent sentiment…the sad reality is that I have time, but not money, plus with all of the rest of the game I’m trying to build sitting building a fully animated skeleton with minimal mesh polygons but trying to keep the model and its subsequent children and all the characters they belong to and all the moods involved is something just beyond my capacity. I’m considering building a physical model that can do all the movements, then hiring out the mapping equipment and software for a day and just physically record all of the movements. Rigs aren’t so hard, animation is the time killer…texturing isn’t TOO difficult with the right software but creating the mesh(es) is a nightmare for me. Especially with the grotty compatibility and lack of information about Alembics between other applications and UE4.

But what isn’t cheap? It’s all relative.

Price depends hugely on desired quality.
If you asked me (im not available atm, this is just to give you numbers) to make wings like from a world of warcraft game, with model/textures, rigging and 4 animations (flap cycle, glide cycle,close,open), it would probably take me about 3 days for all,(±1 for feedback iterations) at a rate of 350eur/day you can do the maths how much it would be.
Price might triple or quadruple if you want the wings to be higher res in terms of model quality and animations (individual feathers, proper feather deformation, etc.)