Wine Glass material

Hey guys, I’ve been playing numerous times ( hours ) with the glass material and I still cannot get a decent looking material.


Can anyone share some tips of how to get it more realistic ?


Have you tried putting a scalar value of “1” into the metallic input? since the reflection/shading types on glass are “metallic” and yours is set to none/mat standard atm…


Metallic to 1 and base color to full white :


Glass is all reflection and refraction. Your material seems to have refraction set to 1, which effectively disables the effect. The fresnel you have there might help when connected. Just make sure you use values close to 1 as refraction is approximated in screenspace and high values will result in artifacts in the refraction when used on small objects such as those glasses.

Regarding reflections you have the basics working, but some nice bright highlights would help make it pop. Proper specular on translucency will come in a future update of UE4*, but for now you might be able to fake it with a cubemap with some bright spots.

*I believe the master branch already has it working, making it a likely candidate for 4.8.

Hey there,

I just had the exact same problem and posted some questions about it on the answer hub. Actually, we came to a nice (and temporary) solution for this with two instances of the same asset and some tweakings to the original glass material… Hope it helps, it did for me :

Very useful info , thanks for sharing!

My pleasure. I know for a fact that it is by helping each other that we’ll make the best out of the engine.
I am curious to see what you’ll get out of it.

Keep us posted with the results, as glass is still one of the major concerns about UE4.

In my experience the more advanced Fresnel node that takes an exponent looks much better than the simple one.