Windows Touch Monitor Event Problem. Monitor, Windows setting or Engine ?

This may not be the correct forum. But there seem to be none that really fits my issue. Anyway I just got myself a pretty low budget Multitouch Monitor for my first steps with Touch Input and Unreal Engine. This one VT207N | Monitors | ASUS Global.

I´m having the problem that it fires events incorrect. My setup is fairly simple. See first attached image. When I touch the monitor, nothing happens. When I release all 3 events fire at once. See screenshot 2. When I touch the monitor and move my finger, in the moment I start moving it fires “pressed” and “move” simultaneously and “relese” once I relesease see screenshot 3. It´s probabely not the engine. I suspect it´s either the monitor or a windows setting. Actually I tried all different settings in the “pen and touch” window without success.

Now that this is the only monitor I can test I would like to know how it works for other people who also use a touchscreen with UE4. Or maybe there is some windows setting I overlooked ? I´m on windows 7 btw.

any help is much appreciated.

Ok after more testing I found the answer myself. It was the “right click” option that prevented the pressed event to fire once I touched the screen. After turning it off in the pen and touch settings it works well.