Windows patches contain unchanged content

I’ve run a test to create a patch for our game and I’m getting some odd results. There seems to be many assets in the patch file, even though I have only made a minor change in the level blueprint of one of my maps. The steps I did were:

Create a ‘release package for distribution’ and called it 0.1
Made the change to one of the maps’ level blueprint.
Created the patch build based on version 0.1 with the update map included.

I was expecting to only see the map I updated being packaged in the patch, but many other assets made it into the patch as well. Has anyone else experienced this?

My feeling at the moment is that it might be to do with using the ‘compress content’ or ‘Save packages without versions’ options in the project launcher when creating the patch, although the documentation for packaging your projects and creating patches says to use these options, and doesn’t mention that they shouldn’t be used when creating a patch (unless I missed it).

I’ll run some tests to try and see why this is happening, but if anyone has the answer it would save me a lot of time. :slight_smile:




I’ve run the unrealpak program with the -list option to see what the difference is between the base build and the patch. As an example, one of the items included in the patch is a texture that hasn’t been touched for months.

LogPakFile:Display: "GAME/Content/Materials/MATERIAL.uasset" 257595 bytes.

And in the -list output for the patch file it says:

LogPakFile:Display: "GAME/Content/Materials/MATERIAL.uasset" 257595 bytes.

Which is exactly the same size (to the nearest byte anyway). In the output log created when building the patch, there is an entry for this material saying:

UnrealPak: LogPakFile:Display: Source file hash for ../../../GAME/Saved/StagedBuilds/WindowsNoEditor/GAME/Content/Paks/TempFiles/GAME/Content/Materials/MATERIAL.uasset doesn't match dest file hash ../../../GAME/Saved/Cooked/WindowsNoEditor/GAME/Content/Materials/MATERIAL.uasset and will be included in patch

Why would this be the case for an asset that hasn’t changed for over 4 months?

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