Windows development + Steam

Hi guys, could you please answer to this question? it is very important…

Windows installator

Secondly, what is everything needed for Steam? I noticed somewhere some boolean flag like bUseSteam or so, what does it? And what else is needed? Is it just regular distribution of Windows installation or something else is needed?

Btw, how is it with linux, because under term linux there falls many distros, so what does it mean for example build for linux, if there is debian etc… one has to compile for all of these distros, or is it even possible do that with UE?

But most important are first two questions.


Sorry, what was the first question?

I think (based on the question he linked) he’s asking what’s the best/recommended way to package a game (like with installshield, as an example from the answerhub question) so that can he send the alpha to friends to test the game without them needing to have anything else installed.

I would suggest looking in the Unreal docs for ‘Packaging’

Yes, thank you Madison for pointing it out. And moreover than sending it to friends is the case of distributing it to final customers. Simply i noticed, the VC Redistributables are not included, and DirectX either, and i dont even know which DirectX is minimal version supported etc, but will check that link.


Edit: Hmm nice link, but there is no word about VC Redist and DirectX, or optional installer :/, so the question still remains.