Windows Dedicated Server hangs on start for a few minutes


I’m using Launcher 4.11.2 version.
I build my project in Development Editor.

If I launch my game with the flags : -game -server -log my server hangs for a few minutes before being fully started.
I tried on 2 different PCs with the same behavior.
If I look in the Task Manager, a lot of ShaderCompiler have been launched and processing.
I need to wait for minutes before the Server is ready.

Could you please tell me if you can repro that on your side (like on shooter game proejct)?
My project had no issue at all in latest 4.10.

Why does the dedicated server need to compile Shader… it has no need for shaders at all as there is no rendering.

I suspect that you made changes in the Startup process that have a side effect for dedicated server.

Last, the startup time has raised for about 0,5sec minimum. Our linux machine was starting in 0.6sec and now we are consistently at about 1.1sec. Do you know what causing this?


Hello Elvince,

I have attempted to reproduce this issue, but I haven’t seen it in Shooter Game. Are you also seeing this issue when you try to run shooter game with the flags you specified?


I will do some testing on my side to check this and come back to you.



I am marking this topic as resolved for tracking purposes. When you have performed your tests, please post back with the results to re-open this thread and we can continue to investigate this issue.

Have a great day