Will we ever see Wii U support?

I am not talking about tomorrow, next week or even this year. Just wondering if it’s even on the roadmap roadmap, at all, ever?

AFAIK out of the box support is not there. I think you need to talk with Nintendo and go to Epic’s Custom Licensing to get dedicated Epic support on implementing Wii U. The submission form on custom licensing page includes Wii U platform. Plus Mark Rein says UE4 can ship games on Wii U. :slight_smile:

But please do wait for an official statement from Epic.

Probably not, given that there’s not much interest for it, and the Wii U will probably be replaced in the next couple years anyways.

Thanks, this is good info, will contact them.

UE4 does not support Wii U at all, there 0 hints about it in source code