Will VXGI be merged to main engine branch?

I just grabbed the most recent build with VXGI which dates back to last july and is running on 4.12.
Will VXGI ever be integrated to the main engine branch or will it remain an experimental feature out of this fork from 4.12?

Thanks !

I don’t think so, because hardware isn’t ready for the usage of VXGI in complex game scenes yet.
I think Epic will integrate some solution that is more performance friendly than that (like SVOGI in CryEngine). Sadly dynamic GI research is on backlog on the Trello roadmap.

If someone from Epic could explain the current state in research or when it’s gonna happen (Q1-4), I would be more than happy.

Since it only works on Windows PC’s it’s not something that they’d likely integrate since consoles and mobile can’t use it

Also no, it’s unlikely to ever go into the engine officially. Epic generally doesn’t appear to want to integrate Gameworks tech as a whole. Last time it was brought up on a livestream, I believe the reasoning was they don’t want to add features that only work for really high end PCs, they want things to be compatible with consoles and mid range hardware as well.

Thanks for your answers, and indeed, last build is from 4.13 my bad.

It is closed source too so no other than Nvidia could improve it.