Will two developers, one using BP and the other using C++ to create the gameplay create problems?

Hello, I apologize if there is repost question but I’ve read abit and didn’t see a clear answer around so far.

Me and my friend (I’m a designer and my friend a programmer) wants to create a card game in UE4. The issue is that this is the first time we are using it.

We both have different schedules as we are working fulltime. I want to help out on creating the gameplay while he is busy and I’m not that good with coding.

I’ve used stencyl/ visual scripting before and I think I might do better there.

Can it work? Me using BP to create some mechanics and he uses C++ (hes preferred choice) to merge together? Or what kind of problems would occur?

I read some posts saying that the designer should use the BP to create the levels and stuff and I get it, but what about the mechanics and such that my friend has not yet created?

Can I use BP to do it and merge with his c++ later work? or am I forced to wait for him / learn C++ myself?