Will there be a UDK4?

UDK3 is great. I’m a total noob however and want to explore UE4. Will UDK get an update or is a subscription the only way?


There won’t be a UDK4. The new subscription plan is the way to get complete access to UE4!

Please keep in mind that when you subscribe, you’re free to cancel at any time. If you decide that you don’t like the engine, you can cancel and not be billed beyond the $19 for the first month.

…and you can still use the version you were licensed up to… and you can resume your subscriptions at any time and get the latest updates and content!

We hope you’re so happy with the cool content and features we’ll be adding on a regular basis that you’ll be thrilled with the value and want to stay continuously connected.

But for now feel free to check it out absolutely, 100% guilt-free!

Dear Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for UE4!

Doing C++ coding in UE4 has been one of the greater joys of my adult life!

I have posted many tutorials for everyone on the UE4 Wiki,

I hope you enjoy my contributions to your awesome life’s work!

UE4 Wiki Link

I believe that you can pay the initial $20/month and continue to use the engine but won’t get any hotfixes or support. Am I correct on this assumption? I would assume that you would need to renew your license when you decide to actually get serious and sell something but for $20/month, and considering how many updates there will be for this newly released engine, it’s a steal. I spend more on a few fast food meals for this much :slight_smile:

Correct but you can still participate in the support forums even with when you’re not subscribed. We’ll work hard to make everyone want to keep their subscriptions going at all times but it’s not mandatory.