Will the Epic Forum badges be re-assigned to users?

Hi Steve,

Since UE4 is an all new experience with a brand new community, I do not expect that we will be transferring UDK badges over (but I will be sure to bring up that discussion). Whatever the result, we look forward to seeing the reputation you can make for yourself with UE4 over the coming years. :slight_smile:

Thats an interesting approach, I thought it might be good to seperate veterans out so people know that the person giving advice is someone with experience rather than someone who just signed up the other day. Post counts have never been a good indication and the karma ends up being more of a popularity contest than a real guage of a persons selflessness, I just think its curious that we are all on equal footing, not that I really mind I’ll just keep doing my thang.

I guess the tricky thing is knowing who has actually used UDK or UE before and who is completely new, you dont want to be babying people familiar with the tools because you can use terminology they will understand. New users, spotting them out and being able to pander to their needs in regards to getting them up to speed I see as important to productive posts.

There are veterans with more than 10 years of Unreal development experience, and there are people with multiple years of Unreal 4 experience in the forums - but there are also people who have had the tools for a day. When asking a question, it’s usually nice to know which of the two people you’re getting an answer from.

Giving recognition to those who put in years of service is a super simple thing to do for you that costs nothing at all, yet makes your most loyal group of users feel appreciated. Absolutely essential imo.

Yep, true words :slight_smile:

Definitely agree with this!

Nice to see you here. Loved your map. Was my #1 vote.

Wow I’m happy to see other people would agree with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Knowing that someone has been recognised for their hard work in the past is very important i think. There are users that stand out to me on the UDK forum for helping the community grow and saying to them that they have to start from scratch again is a bit disappointing in my opinion.

Yeah it is really the opposite of what I would expect. To say to people who’ve been helping for free for years that they need to start all over and that none of all the things they’ve done (for free) matter anymore is very harsh. If you got a company you don’t demote your senior programmer to a junior level again simply because you start a new production either. You’d have no employees in no time if you’d do that. A community should not expect to feel any different or be considered less valuable. Especially when it costs nothing to fix things like these.

I want my badge back now :cool:, I sweat blood and tears for UDK users over the years, and this sucks …
I’m with you on this Steve :), and by the looks of it, so are all the crew who’ve earned their respective badges …

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that this is on our radar, and it will be something we discuss further for sure.

We have a good chunk of items on the backlog of forum improvements and tweaks, and I believe how we handle the badge system (including legacy badges) is decently high on the list of cosmetic and social improvements. There are a few things we need to figure out there, but I’ll see if we can’t keep you guys posted.

Definitely don’t want to downplay the contributions you guys made to the community. We appreciate you, and expect you to tell us when you feel like that isn’t showing. Keep the feedback coming sirs!

:cool: :slight_smile: :o Thanks JoTay

:smiley: Pretty good news!

Gotta be a beta tester badge in there :wink:

Thanks JoTay

Lol Dave, good to have you on board xD. Dunno if you remember but i was asking you about modular pawns for my thesis a while back.

I agree with adding in the badges and titles back, I my self do not have any such things but it was always nice to be able to tell who was likely to be knowledgeable. From a newbies perspective it was nice to know the advice being given to you was likely correct or close to correct.

Looking at their perspective, I can see why the decision was made. I don’t believe its a case of having to start over with your reputation, but simply with the new era of this engine. You don’t necessarily need a title to justify your qualifications. For example I see Hourences or Ambershee and recognize their contributions by their name, not a badge under it. While I can see why it may be nice to have, I don’t think its a game changer. And while the engine is similar, a lot has changed which is why I believe he worded his statement that way. If they’re bringing it up to the team though, there’s probably a good chance it will be transferred. That being said, I definitely look forward to learning from most of you in the future. Hourences in particular has been a very helpful resource in the past.

Yes of course I remember mate :slight_smile:
I was only talking to Scott on Facebook last night, funny enough :smiley: . And your badge is a bit more significant to be honest, you and your team being “Make something Unreal” winners. My badge was earned through lots of swearing and upsetting people, and a very large volume of tutorials too :D.
But still, I must of smashed up ten computers over the years trying to get stuff to work in UDK :slight_smile: so that’s mainly how I won my stripes.

Thanks! That means a lot to me :slight_smile:

We ended up being the runners-up but anyways :stuck_out_tongue: Haha i was just lucky to be in the right year of uni when it happened, i don’t think it’s happening this year. There was a lot of swearing and raging by us as well. Also can’t be having Scott hogging all the devs !