Will Paper2D ever see the spotlight?

I have read around a little and apparently the guy that worked on P2D was moved to the Fortnite team :/, will P2D ever get some proper attention?

I toyed with paper2D recently and their seems to be a lackluster of options, especially with tilesets. It looks like it’s another abandoned feature. I wish epic would focus on more features like these that is actually useful for other developers.

Maybe if community goes together and shows a “name-list” to continue the paper2D they will start working more on it.

I guess people don’t care about paper2D for ue4 :stuck_out_tongue: seams pretty dead.

Hey guys!

We are the exception to the rule as we have successfully released our game using paper2d on Steam and consoles.

Paper2d has a lot of shortcomings since they have abandoned its development but it is still very powerful and runs remarkably well on all sorts of hardware.

If any of my dear colleagues in here wants to try out our game , please PM me so i can send you a Steam key.

Would love to get back some feedback from actual gamers and developers!


I would love to receive a key, Sinister.
Sent you a pm =)

Hello festenhas,

I was reluctant to send you a key because in almost 2 years you had zero posts which for a developer is kinda weird…
You cannot believe with how much spam i have to deal on a daily basis and this “giveaway” is to get some actual feedback (and inspire them) from people that create 2d games and not to please someone that just wants to play a game for free.
Apologies for being blunt but i am just speaking from the heart.

Nevertheless, for your effort check your inbox and i hope you enjoy it.


Gonna make a reply here since it might help get some more attention for this part of Unreal.

Im working on a 2D project and noticed with paper2D its incredibly difficult to handle collision for TileMaps/Sets… One way platforms being one Ive looked into for about a month now that would be solved if Tilesets/Maps had Collision Presets.
Also PaperZD seems to have solved that issue partly for other devs- but in a different way to how I want so no luck for me there.

Im aware it’d be simple enough to make just a sprite to handle this but then its a sprite over a tilemap and thats a bit backwards to me and Id rather not for a game that might include something like destructible tiles inside the TileMaps.