Will nDisplay ever support custom Pawn?

Hi, the question is quite straight forward, either we didn’t understand how to use it, or it is simply not intended to work this way. But when trying out the nDisplay functionality we did not find a way to use it with our own pawn. Say for example we want to use a WheeledVehicle as our pawn, is this possible? Or will it be possible in the future?


It should be possible, extend pawn from ADisplayClusterPawn (Without A if you do that from blueprint) and add Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component (UWheeledVehicleMovementComponent). if you look in code of AWheeledVehicle unlike ACharacter all it is is just empty pawn with that component, so technically you can make any pawn a vehicle just by that component:


And everything is possible at least on C++

You also should explain your issue in detail as i don’t have idea if i said something you already know

Yes this is correct. Sorry, I was posting this question without actually hiving looked into the problem myself, a colleague of mine did that and it turns out this was not a problem at all!