Will I be able to work on projects started in 4.17.2 in 4.17.0 and vice versa?

I have to use Unreal Engine for my university projects, and when I downloaded the engine I was automatically setup with 4.17.2, but the university uses 4.17.0.

Since they’re both 4.17 releases, will I be able to work on the same project in both? Or will I need to try and revert my own version of the engine back to 4.17.0? If so, would I need to use the source code on Github?

You should be able to use those interchangeably. 4.17.0 is the initial release of Unreal 4, Version 17. 4.17.2 is the same version of the the engine and editor, but with bug fixes. But no new features have been added or removed.

Thank you for the help! I’ve prepared a quick test file that I can test at the university to make sure that the project will run unhindered, but just in case I’ve managed to build 4.17.0 from source code as a back up.