Will errors mess up building the game?

I am trying to import 3D Models from blender, and when ever I do it gives me the * error message at the left of the 3D model object inside the main file selection menu, will this prevent me from building my game?

Hello Designer102,

Warnings will generally allow you to build your game. Errors are something that will cause problems. Errors won’t allow you to package, play, or launch.

Would you post a screenshot of the error so that I may try and figure out what the error is?

On the 3d model icon, there is a * symbol in the bottom left corner.

Hey Designer102,

The * symbol in the lower left of your icon indicates that you have not yet saved these assets. To make the symbol disappear navigate to File > Save All. This is not an error but a visual indicator that these assets need to be saved before exiting the editor. This will not prevent you from building or playing your game. When pressing the launch button you are prompted to Save Content and you can either save through this feature or through the previously mentioned Save All.

Thank you for the answer!