Widget to Blueprint Communication.

After doing 2 simple inventory systems I am trying to piece together a slightly complex inventory and with no real starting idea I simply whipped together what I thought would work. My system is a bit convoluted but if you can follow along the help would be greatly appreciated. I believe my problem lies in the use of interfaces but to my knowledge they seemed to be the correct tool for my situation. I store an array of Item IDs in the player character as their “inventory”. Then when the “InventoryUI” is constructed or called to ListItems it sends off the array of IDs it gets from the player and creates an “InventoryUIData” and populates the InventoryGrid with them. At least that is the Idea however all I get is the empty UI. Maybe its a simple lack of knowledge, maybe I’m just overlooking something. I try to not bother the community with petty fixes but at a wall here. Thanks in advance!