Widget interactive ony work once.

I setuo widget interactive for my 3d widget. It work fine for the first time. But when close the wodger and reopen it. i click on button again. Widget dont response. It doesnt work anymore. Does anybody have the same problem like me and how to fix it???

No. We’d need to figure out what’s broken first.

But when close the wodger and reopen it.

Could you demonstrate how this is done?

my 3d widget interactive have a same problem like you, i try to find solution for 3 months now and no result.
i not sure if it work or not, but you can try it.
Instead of use event clicked one, use event pressed one, after pressed one. Try to find there any variable call is pressed or something like that and set it false.

Like i said, i dont know it working or not. but try it out. I faild to find solution for 3 months, and still failed now

i hope somebody will have answer for you