Widget Interaction Problem

Okay, this might sound stupid, but I just can’t interact with any widget in my project, like, I’ve tried everything changing the input mode, creating other widgets… What could be causing this issue? I think I should also add that I had an issue at the begging that my mouse cursor was just always disappearing but that repaired on its own.

Could you attach a screen cap of your code? It might be that you are not in focus with the widget

To keep the mouse on screen, get the player controller in whatever BP at the time you create the widget (I typically do this inside the widget on construct) and from the player controller set show mouse cursor to true. When the widget is removed from parent, you should do the opposite and set show mouse to false.

and if you want to ensure the moues stays inside your widget, you can set the focus as well.


tried to show the mouse cursor like that, or in the options of player controller but it just didn’t work, I’m gonna try to do the focus thing when I can and I really don’t know what to show you in the code, I’m just creating the widget

setting the user focus also doesn’t work

Could you upload a picture of the widget? Are you trying to click on a button in that widget?

the button started to work, i did nothing, just looked at the code and everything. But somehow i can click it with a right mouse button and it glitches when i do