Widget input catching

Hi! The problem is that I have created a lot of widgets for main menu (settings, load world, connect to world, etc.) and I want to create ESC button catch that will go to my previous widget (I have managed to make it work with switch) but I have problems with ESC input catching because of dynamic change of focuses (UI only → game only, …) so I’m wondering if there is some blueprint that can be used as some global input catcher. I only found this](Is Input Key Down | Unreal Engine Documentation) executed on event tick but it didn’t worked well because I had to paste it into all blueprints and it sometimes was called more than once.

Thanks for response, Mat5i6.

I suggest you use Set Input Mode Game and UI when entered the main menu. If you want to add another function to escape key, make a flag bIsAtMenu and use it to branch what logic you should follow.