Widget in Product Viewer able for both VR and desktop

Hi there,

I am using a widget in desktop version and need the same widget to be presented in VR. Is there a way to have the widget properly scaled and presented in both options?

Thank you in advance

Hi vr_marco. I have reached that point but I want the widget to be mounted to my motion controller in order when I click on an object to be able to see what is must show. I do not want to have it placed in a specific position (same as the xray menu in product viewer collector)

I have been told to attach it to the motion controller directly or parent it… Struggling though…

@M33r_K4t Have a look at this:

Nice @vr_marco Thank you very much!

Ok that’s a new issue I ran across… After I hooked my widget to the motion controller, as soon as I go to VRPreview and look down the widget is also shown there. So I can see my widget like a VR watch but if I look down completely it has the same widget like I am standing on it…

Any ideas?

Do you mean you see it on top of your VR view? Static in the HMD? You should not add it to the viewport if you are using it in VR only

When I teleport and I look down it is there apart from hooked in motion controller. Like it is also hooked under me.