Widget Health bar is the same for others Objects

Can someone help me?
I wanted a life bar to appear for each object on the map, and it appears however, this life bar only works on the first placed object and the others take that same life bar as information to be created in ViewPort. I wanted each one to have its own bar of life and not to do it that i mentioned before, does anyone know how to solve it?

Solved! i shoulded had added an actor with a mesh component and a widget component in the view port. The widget component should be set to be the health bar widget that i created as a widget BP. Then i selected the widget component in the actor. Select my health bar widget. In the actor BP i used the health variable (that i had before) and use that to drive the widget’s progress bar. So when the actor is damaged the health variable will be reduced (i programmed a event for this) and update the widget progress bar to the new health value. “This way each actor is responsible for it’s own health bar. No need to use a for each loop”, is a beginner’s mistake of my part. Finally i set the widget in the viewport to unsetted, in the BP i used this to hide and show the health bar when hitted.

Thank you Nebula Games Inc Channel for helping me understand (:

No problem man. Glad to be of help.